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Faraway Light

Faraway Light is the brainchild of Rowan Sherlock, a trained Classical violinist and pianist; having studied his craft in Waterford Institute of Technology Music School in Ireland for over 20 years, he then went on to undertake a BA in Music Composition and Classical violin performance, then followed by completing his MA in Music Composition under the tuition of the acclaimed Irish composer Dr Marian Ingoldsby

Rowan has in the past lead such orchestras as the South Eastern Region Youth Orchestra, the W.I.T Youth Orchestra, and has also toured internationally with the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ireland. He is also the pastviolinist with acclaimed Irish groups ‘In The Willows’, ‘Gypsi Swing’, as well as well-known Irish traditional band ‘Newfoundland’, with whom he has toured with extensively.

 Having played in different ensembles and bands across the globe, Rowan is now living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, CA. Faraway Light is the pseudonym under which Rowan writes, arranges, and releases his original compositions. He recently joined up with Cork based promotions/productions company, Unemployable, and is currently working on the collection, recording, and release of his material.